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home field advantage wasn't enough. this morning the redskins try to recover from a tough loss in front of the home crowd. and heart breaking news at the national zoo that the new panda cub died. now the wait to hear what went wrong. and a live look out over the nation's capital this morning. 55 degrees out over our studios. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this monday, september 24th, 2012. we could learn as early as this morning what led to the tragic death of the panda cub at
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the national zoo. at 9:15 yesterday morning, mom mei xiang let out what could be called a distress call. doctors were too late to save the cub. they're still not clear what went wrong. >> the cub looked just fabulous. no external signs of trauma. no signs of illness or clinical disease. the cub was just beautiful. it's a beautiful little body, beautiful face with the markings just beginning to show around the eye. >> this was considered to be the last opportunity for mei xiang to get pregnant. her only other successful pregnancy was in 2005, when she gave birth to ti xian. about 2:15 this morning a fire broke out in the basement of a home on toby drive. everyone got out okay. police trying to figure out what
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caused that fire. police in gaithersburg investigating a deadly crash. a woman was pulled from that wreckage in critical condition. she later died. her name has not been released. it's time to get a first look at the forecast. can't believe how chilly this start is. >> it's rather cold out there. >> wow. >> you're not supposed to be spri surprised. >> no, i'm not surprised, but it is quite chilly out there. folks, just go with a jacket, a jacket you'll be leaving on all day long today. take a look. possible frost advisories around moss be mossberg and elkins, west virginia. for today, we're talking about the lowest temperatures of the week. right now throughout the area, 57 degrees in benning. areas in bowie currently at 50 degrees. up in clarksburg currently, 48
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degrees. temperatures quite low this morning. for 8:00 a.m., again, jacket cool. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine. mostly clear sky. by noontime today, that october chill still there, still sunny. 62 to 65 degrees. i think we'll top out at 70 to 71 degrees today. that will be on par with yesterday. 65 to 68 by 5:00 p.m. sunny and chilly conditions indeed coming up at 4:41. i'll have your four-day forecast. right now first 4 traffic with danella sealock. >> thanks, veronica. checking the roads out for you, and you're dealing with road work early this monday morning. let's talk about it. if you're making the commute on the outer loop of the beltway, this normal work zone near university boulevard blocking the left lane really on the outer loop and inner loop. also, if you're traveling southbound i-270, you cannot get onto 85 right now. emergency road work happening on that ramp and blocking your
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exit. and also, if you're making the commute westbound 50 in virginia, arlington boulevard, trying to access the inner loop of the beltway, road work there taking place and slowing you down. traveling the outer loop of the beltway at braddock, only the right lane going to get you by the work zone there. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. aaron and eun, back over to you. mitt romney begins a crucial bus tour. the republican presidential nominee will spend the next three days in the states of ohio and virginia. romney met with supporters last night in another key state, colorado. this rally was in denver, which will hold the first presidential debate next week. he and president obama appeared separately on cnbc' "60 minutes" last night. romney clarified his comments about the 47% of americans who pay no income tax. >> i do a very good campaign. it's doing a good job, but not everything i say is perfect. i want to make it clear.
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i want to help 100% of americans. >> donors want to know, how do you turn this around? >> we don't need a turnaround. we have a campaign that's tied with the incumbent president of the united states. >> are you going to win this thing? >> i am going to win this thing. >> and president obama defending himself against mitt romney's criticism that the country is worse off now than when he took office four years ago. he told "60 minutes" steve croft the economy is on the road to recovery. >> we have 40 million new jobs, 500,000 new jobs in manufacturing alone. the question for the american people is do we keep moving forward and continue to make progress, or do we go backwards to the very policies that got us into this mess in the first place? >> the obama campaign is launching this ad that criticizes mitt romney on his comments over americans who don't pay taxes. the ad suggests that romney needs to, quote, come clean on
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taxes he's paid in the past. more than 100 heads of state converge on new york city for the united nations general assembly. leaders started arriving yesterday, including iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. iran's nuclear ambitions are expected to be one of the hot topics, as well as the war in syria and the rise of al qaeda in west africa. police are searching for climbers lost in an avalanche that killed nine people in nepal. at least ten people survived. rescue workers say at least six people are still missing. we're told many of the climbers were french, german, and italian. 4:34 is our time right now. home doesn't seem quite so sweet for the redskins after the team dropped their first home opener since 2006 to the bengals. the burgundy and gold were simply outgunned for most of the
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game, ultimately falling 38-31. after falling behind 24-10 at the half, the redskins fought back to tie the game and keep within striking distance. last second shot at the end of the game just was not meant to be. the defense says it should take the blame for this one. >> there's no reason for our offense to average 35, 40 points, and we're not winning. it's something we've got to go back and work on, make some changes, do whatever we've got to do to eliminate that. >> the offense is doing tir part. luckily, it's week three. we've got a game next week against tampa bay, and we need to go out there and correct it and get a fix. >> this is the seventh straight home loss for the redskins, who haven't won at fedex field since the second game of last season. >> thi definitely was not the homecoming that fans were hoping for. we caught up with disappointed fans after the game, and while
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some specific plays stood out, so did the mistakes from the rest. >> we had some rough mistakes, but for the most part, i thought we played hard. it would be nice if we had some defense. good call. >> it would be nice to see the refs win. replacement refs have to go. >> it's still early in the season. we'll get back. >> coming up in 30 minutes, more highlights or low lights, depending on how you look at the situation. plus our own dan hellie will have the mistakes that contribute to the loss along with player reaction coming up at 5:00. >> it's expected to be a heated debate today over on demand car services like uber. d.c. leaders will meet to discuss rules for those services. last week the d.c. cab commission proposed rules to those services, including employing a number of those cars that are handicapped accessible and demand pricing, which raises
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prices during times of high demand. uber says those rules are anti-competitive and designed to put uber out of business. a gun went off in a busy ain't airport and could have made it onto an airplane.
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a group of fishermen in connecticut on friday hooked a huge thresher shark near block island. it took the fishermen 90 minutes to l kcontrol the shark and harn it. the thresher shark weighed in at 568 pounds. it's more than 14 pounds. the anglers are still trying to find out if the fish set any records. >> it took over 90 minutes. at some point, you've got to let it go. >> do you want a thresher shark? what does one do with a thresher shark once one has caught a 500-pound thresher shark is my question? >> scary times. definitely brave men to work at it for that long and still walk away and tell the story. >> there you go. >> coming up at 4:41. there you are looking live over the nation's capital. a chill in the air for sure. chill might not be putting it the right way for some folks in
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the outlying areas. >> that's right. some folks might want a coat. if you need something light throughout the day, just go with a jacket. take a look now, how low some of those readings are up north. laytonsville, 49 degrees. 57 degrees adams morgan. suitland at 53. 10:00 a.m., suitland up to 60 degrees. by noon time 12:30, 64. we'll top out at a high temperature today of 70 degrees. nice afternoon. you can see sunshine throughout there. 66 by 6:00 p.m. today the coolest day out of the work week, 82 on wednesday. rain headed our way. we'll take a look at our seven-day forecast in a few. right now first 4 traffic with danella. >> thanks, veronica. checking the roads out in i-95 in virginia, as you make your way past northbound 17, only the left lane is going to get you by. that right lane is blocked by paving. also paving in the southbound lanes.
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again, left lane will get you by, but this time at 3 as you make your way on i-95. things look good outside the beltway. 123 eastbound and westbound, no accidents. not seeing any reports of any accidents. if you're traveling on 66 inside the beltway, that's looking good as well. ahead, your chance to solve one of our region's biggest headaches, traffic.
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welcome back at 4:44. the baltimore ravens are rallying around tory smith after his brother died in a motorcycle accident.
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teven jones died friday night in northwest virginia. he traveled to virginia to be with his family but decided to play in last night's game against the patriots. he ended up having a great game, scoring touchdowns and helping the ravens win 34-31. afterward, he talked about how he felt about playing with such a tragedy hanging over him. >> you play with a heavy heart, you want to play for that person. my mom and everyone at the family was back at the house. i texted my mom when i got back to the stadium. that's when i really made the decision i was going to play. she was excited about it. she was like, of course, he would want you to play. >> the ravens had a moment of silence before the ge for jones. police are still investigating the crash but say alcohol was not a factor. 15 before the hour. counselors will be on hand at watkins mill high school to talk about an accident involving a 15-year-old student. friday night, a police cruiser hit 15-year-old jania richards
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following a football game. several fights broke out after the game. she was running away from the fight when the cruiser struck her. there's no word on her injuries. the officer was placed on administrative leave. dozens gathered at the landfill in virginia to dedicate a memorial for service members. an investigation earlier this year found bod yiies were dumpet the landfill after being incinerated in dover, delaware. the memorial was organized by a grass roots committee. it was approved last month by king george supervisors who own the landfill property. another big turnout in georgetown for a biathlon that benefits wounded warriors home from iraq and afghanistan. it includes one mile of kayaking on the potomac, and a three mile run, or for some athletes, three miles on a hand cycle. many of the participants and volunteers were treated at walter reed memorial center. team river run was hoping to raise $113,000 for wounded
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service members. a clash between a local pastor and church board members is nowhere near being over after a ruling from a maryland appeals court. the court reversed a decision that removed pastor joe peebles. thousands stayed by his side when he was kicked over. now they're planning to return to the church's main landover campus. >> the truth is coming out, and it's very, very clear that pastor joel, as well as these thousands of members that have been displaced rightfully can return to the ministry that their tithes and offerings helped to build. >> jerricho's board which kicked out peebles made a statement saying it does not change the church's current leadership. the case now goes back to the lower court. the county board of supervisors will hold the first in a series of public forums to discuss ways to pay for
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transportation projects. fairfax county says it needs hundreds of millions of dollars to fund much needed transportation improvements. tonight's meeting will take place at the county's west springfield district office on rolling road. it begins at 7:00. there will be several more meetings in the coming weeks. we'll also hear from montgomery county about its transportation needs. the county transportation president will talk about how to fix up the beltway near the american legion bridge. the police and fbi agents who caught the former marine responsible for firing at several military buildings will be honored today. yonathan melaku pled guilty to shooting the at the pentagon and two recruiting centers back in 2010. the shootings caused thousands of dollars of damage. the officers who caught him will be recognized tonight at the annual shield awards ceremony. it's sponsored by the
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anti-defamation league. a flight attendant could face disciplinary action when her gun went off at the airport. screeners found her gun and called the police. when the screeners picked up the gun, it fired, hitting a nearby wall. no one was hurt. the flight attendant said she forgot she had the gun in her handbag. she did have a permit to carry a firearm but was given a citation for disorderly conduct. firefighters are hoping to use a break in the weather to get several wildfires under control. forecasters expected lightning and high winds to whip up flames or spark new fires over the weekend, but that weather never materialized, and that allowed firefighters to contain 30% of one fire that has scorched more than 40,000 acres. about 200 nearby homes are still under evacuation order. two cabins used by the park service have been destroyed in the fire. a new fire in southern california that sparked sunday was quickly spread to 2,000
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acres. the fire is 60 miles east of san diego, not far from the mexico border. four tankers and two helicopters are helping to battle the fire. evacuations in place for several neighborhoods near the fire. annapolis residents will see spraying for mosquitos tonight. crews will be spraying in the east port area just outside annapolis and on october 1st. that spraying will take place after 7:30 p.m. and last until the early morning hours. residents in the area should stay indoors during the spraying. >> we're hoping the mosquito season is at its end, especially with the colder temperatures we're experiencing right now. >> does it make a difference? >> it does make a difference. it slows them down. you really need the freezing temperatures. >> no rush on that really. we don't need that too soon. >> no, but yeah. spraying, good idea.
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so just like that, over the weekend, the saeds seasoned turned on us. there is a light wind blowing out of the north at 7 miles per hour. take a look. temperatures throughout the area from howard county down through charles county were in the upper 40s here. areas mainly off to the west, right around 50 degrees. 60, one of our warm spots right now in annapolis, maryland. and look at the temperatures in west virginia, 38 degrees in elkins, west virginia. that's one of the reasons. temperatures so low here there's been a frost advisory out for western maryland right down south through elkins. very few in the way of cloud cover here. we're looking at a mostly clear start in a day that's going to be filled with a whole lot of sunshine. here's your "day planner." jacket cool for the morning, 7:00 a.m., 55 degrees. 65, still chilly at noontime. your high 70. cooling down quick from the
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evening hours, from the mid-60s, headed back down to the low 60s. so your forecast, sunny, a cool fall day from 66 to 71 degrees. again, coolest out of the work week. we expect to see temperatures warm a bit by midweek. but it's then we're going to be looking at rain too. clear and cooling fast. 52 to 60 degrees for your evening forecast. here's a look at your four-day forecast. 76 degrees for tomorrow. a bit warmer. clouds will be on the increase for tuesday. we'll start out with sunshine. we'll be turning over to a partly cloudy sky by the afternoon and evening hours. then a 30% chance of rain, i think, for wednesday. this will occur late, probably around sunset or so. 82, your high temperature. the warmest day out of the work week. that rain continues into thursday right now with highs into the mid-70s. there's a look at your weekend. right now looks like a chance of rain coming your way for the weekend. 72 to 70. much cooler temperatures for the
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weekend. i'll be back at the top of the hour with another "day planner" forecast. now, first 4 traffic with danella sealock. still checking the roads in our area and dealing with some road work. should be in the final stages. want to let you know if you're traveling northbound i-95 in maryland. two of your left lanes blocked by construction. heading over to the beltway, construction on the inner loop and outer loop as you make your way past university boulevard. it's nice and clear. here's a live look. no issues to report on the beltway in montgomery county. your travel speeds on the outer loop, ten minutes to get from i-95 to i-270. travel speeds are 60 miles an hour. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. aaron and eun, back over to you. after steadily increasing for the past 2 1/2 months, it appears gas prices are once again declining. the national average is $3.81. five cents cheaper than a week ago. d.c. is also five cents cheaper. down to 3.$3.95 on average.
4:54 am
maryland's average, about $3.75 a gallon right now. that's down from $3.80 a week ago. in west virginia, drivers are paying about $3.89 a gallon. that's down 4 cents. all that in part for the changes in oil prices, crude oil prices. maybe we could see another drop of 15 cents in the next couple of weeks. >> it's now 4:54. 56 degrees. next the scoop that's made a
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"modern family" continued its reign at the awards. the though won four awards. "two and a half men" star jon crier scored the outstanding lead category. and julia louis-dreyfus won for "veep." she had a funny moment with amy poehler during her acceptance speech. >> first of all, i would like to thank nbc, "parks and rec" my beautiful boys archie and able. >> very funny. in the drama category, tom hanks
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scored an emmy for hbo's movie about sarah palin's presidential campaign "game change." showtime's "homeland" was the other big winner. taking home four emmys, including best actor and actress in a mini series. there's claire danes. >> i wish i had time to watch these shows. so clueless. >> and chartreuse, that neon acid yellow dress that claire danes is wearing, that was the color of the evening. >> that's chartreuse? >> yes. >> i thought it was more of a peachest color. who knew. >> tonight you can watch brand new auditions on "the voice" and a new episode of "revolution" followed by news 4 at 11:00. thousands of people will get a chance to see the material girl here in d.c. tonight. madonna sang songs from her new album and some classics at the verizon center.
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tonight's show kicks off at 8:00. metro will be open until 1:00 a.m. to accommodate the crowds. britain's deputy prime minister nick clegg is the rare double threat. >> not only is he a politician, but he's a pop star. ♪ i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm so so sorry ♪ ? >> that is an autotune remix of clegg's apology. he taped this apology over his party's failure to block an increase in tuition fees at a liberal democrat party conference over the weekend. he acknowledged that he has indeed become a pop star. >> a video of me gets remixed and becomes a youtube sensation. to those of you who have seen the video, i say this. i really am so, so sorry. >> you got to poke fun at yourself in those moments.

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